The stick can be controlled by user interaction with the software. Then, at a random and unpredictable time for the patient, the stick disconnects and falls vertically down. This happens without any additional signal. The person being examined reacts solely by visually recognizing the falling stick and tries to catch this stick as fast as possible.

The NeuroMex system quantifies individual responsiveness during single-handed catching of the suddenly falling stick. Sensors can be deployed to record various parameters, such as reaction time, in a real-time manner. The results of the parameters of interest will be compared with norm data of healthy individuals, taking into account disease-specific cutoff values. Consequently, motor function can be used to predict individual neurocognitive function. Therefore, this development is a practical and innovative implementation for the public.

The NeuroMex system is to be operated by appropriately trained personnel only. The interpretation of the results and subsequently the treatment decision is the responsibility of the treating physician.