NEUROMEX – FIRST EARLY DETECTION TOOL (identification of patients at risk up to 10 years before outbrake)

NeuroMex is a medical device (CE/ MDR, FDA) that measures hand-eye coordination when catching a suddenly falling stick. It quantifies the individual’s ability to react when catching the suddenly falling stick with one hand. The falling of the stick is randomized and triggered by software.

The stick is released from the holding apparatus at a time that is unpredictable for the patient. This measurement setup makes it possible to quantify the individual visual-motor reaction performance.

The examination with the NeuroMex system takes just a few minutes, is almost/mostly barrier-free, easy to understand and can be used for a wide range of different groups of people. The technology is therefore perfectly suitable for widespread and population based use as a screening tool.

The NeuroMex system can only be operated by appropriately trained personnel. The interpretation of the results and thus the treatment decision is the responsibility of the attending physician.