The NeuroMex system is used to investigate complex neurocognitive performance. It quantifies the individual responsiveness during the one-handed catching of the suddenly falling stick. The stick serves as a measuring body, which is equipped with sensors and controlled by software. The software permits the disconnection of the stick from the upper platform at a point in time that is unpredictable for the patient. The measurement setup and the fact that the subject cannot anticipate the falling of the stick make it possible to quantify the visual-motor reaction performance.

Various motor parameters are recorded in real-time with sensors. By comparing the individual motor performance with reference data from healthy individuals and with disease-specific thresholds, the individual neuro-cognitive function can ultimately be determined.

The examination can be performed in a few minutes, can be carried out almost without barriers, is easy for the user to understand, and can be used for a wide variety of groups of people. The technology is therefore ideally suited for widespread use as a short screening tool.

The NeuroMex system is to be operated by appropriately trained personnel only. The interpretation of the results and subsequently the treatment decision is the responsibility of the treating physician.