The Company

saniva diagnostics GmbH is a German medical technology company in the field of diagnostics based in Erfurt. Since its foundation in 2019, the company has been involved in the research and development of a screening instrument in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. 

saniva has the potential to be the first company to enter the market with a non-invasive screening method that is suitable for identifying patients at an asymptomatic early stage. The NeuroMex system makes it possible to identify patients at risk at an early stage and thus start treatment as early as possible.


The Team

Behind an innovative research and development project is a multi-talented team. The team combines expertise from the fields of sports science, biomedical engineering, regulatory affairs and business development in medical technology.

This flows into the development of the medical device, which is based on a complex neuro-cognitive motor reaction task.


Jenny Nisser

Founder | CEO
Scientific Director

Clinical Studies | Intellectual Property (IP) 


Matthias Bohn

Project Manager

Business Development | Regulatory Affairs


Dr. Dennis Fink

Project Manager

Marketing and communication


Asmaa El Mosleh

Scientific Associate

Medical Engineering | Engineering | Research and Development


Janes Schmidt

Scientific Associate

Sports Science | Clinical Studies[at]

Christian Faber

Legal Advice | Advisory Board